I have a custom domain i want to add it on infintyfree

hi i want to add a custum domain .i did changed my nameservers to point to infintyfree but when i created the account .my domain changed to example.lovesblog.com
how do i fix that ?

Hello and welcome!

I am not too sure what you mean by the fact that “The domain changed”. Most likely, the domain has been correctly added to the account, and can be found in the control panel and file manager. Note that the client area can take some time to update.

Here is some more information that you can take a look at.


I checked your account(s), and I’d like to tell you the following:

  • The Label of an account is just a bit of text to help you organize your accounts. Entering a domain name in the label field won’t add the domain name to your account. So if you create an account with a free subdomain and put your custom domain in the Label field, you’ll still get an account with a free subdomain.
  • If you deactivate an account, the domain names on the the account will stay on the account. If you want to use the domains on another account, you’ll need to reactivate the account, go into the control panel, and delete the domain from there. Then you’ll be able to use them on another account right away.
  • Newly added domain names can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere. Don’t go mess with the DNS settings of your domain, or move them to other accounts during this time to try and fix this, because at best it doesn’t help and at worst it will take much longer for your website to be visible.

So to use your domain, you’ll need to reactivate the account that has your custom domain. After that, you can just wait for DNS caching, or move the domain to a different account.


so when i added my domain name ,the subdomain you gave me is not gonna change ?

becasue i was using blogger and i have articles on my website …

that’s why i choose infintyfree to get free hosting and imagrate my site to wordpress

No. Try this, because there is a better way to set this up.

  1. Delete the entire hosting account (Download any files/databases you may have setup first)
  2. Create a new one and select “Custom Domain” and NOT “Subdomain”
  3. TaDa!

it’s takes time to delete my account

but i reactivate my custum domain ,the this is when i went to install wordpress it’s says that my domain name is example.iloveblog.com

any infintyfree support ?

Sorry, I should have used the word “Deactivate”.

Can you tell me the steps you are using to do that?

Also, please remember…


You’ve reactivated the wrong account.

If you click Manage next to your other account, epiz_31196234, you’ll see a Domains and Subdomains list there as well. And in that list, you’ll see your .com domain.

So that’s the account that holds your custom domain, that’s the account you need to reactivate and that’s the account for which you can delete the domain from the control panel.

Please check the Domains and Subdomains list to see which domains are on the account. Again, the account label is just a bit of text and doesn’t (have to) reflect the actual domains on the account.


thank you sir
so i did reactivate my epiz_31196234 account which hold my custum domain

and i changed the nameservers on my godddy account

so now i can install wordpress and start working normal ?


Change then back to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com


yeah i did that

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