I have 3 accounts but I have access only to one

I have 3 accounts but I need only one.
They are: epiz_33510423, epiz_32825245 and epiz_34137032
I only have access to epiz_32825245 and this is the only one I need.
Unhappily one of the one that I don’t need has the domain assigned and I cannot
use the only one to which I have access because my domain (private) is assigned
to that which I cannot access.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Care to elaborate why you are unable to access?


The other two accounts you mentioned are each created under a different client area profile with a different email address. So of course, you cannot manage them with this account.

You’re allowed to have up to three free hosting accounts, and can manage all of them from a single client area profile.

Please check the email history of some of the other email addresses you have an see if you can find the address that was used for the other two accounts.


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