I got server error 502


i got error says “502 bad gateway”

same as you

i think its infinityfree problem

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Same, but it was caused by redirects.

Same here.
Thos it looks like Wordpress has been uninstalled from my account. I can’t get to my site or the wordpress login.
When I check the control panel it looks like wordpress isn’t installed.

Anyone else see the same?

502 error… what is the cause ?

yes i have the same thing

i dont know it happend while i was editing with elementor

i have another website on infinityfree, and it is normal. is my web file error ?

There seems to be a server issue with websites on the IP address A lot of websites seem to be affected so I don’t think it’s caused by any specific code or configuration on a specific site.

Please have patience while we’re working on this.


my website ip is Is that ip also affected ?

Please refrain from posting “same”, “me too”, or “I’m having the same issue” as this does not help. For more information please read the Community Guidelines.


Likely, yes. In issues we’ve seen in the past, the two IPs tend to go down together at the same time. Although this particular issue is hard to monitor for us, it’s likely that it affects both IPs.


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