I got an error while making DNS record

Website URL


Error Message

The hosting platform returned an error message while trying to process your request. Please try again or try making the change through the control panel. The error returned is: Error #96328489 Please contact support.

When I visit your website, I am redirected to the InfinityFree Error 403 page.


That’s because I want to publish my website but I need to create DNS TXT record to connect my website to my site builder.

You can try using the SPF records section for that.

Is DNS connection the only way the site builder offers for publishing your website?


Only DNS.

I assume you’re using the new DNS Records editor in the client area? It was released a few hours ago, so there might still be a few bugs in it.

Can you please share the record you need to add? And maybe also the domain name on which you’re trying to set it up?


What is the site builder in question?


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