I get a 404 for some reason

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When I log in enter email and password I get 404 error

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Make sure you have all of the files in the correct spot, and correctly names. It looks like this might me a case of a missing file. Also, do you use .htacess rules on your site?

yes there’s a .htaccess file in the first page of file manager

Not that one. I meant did you create or edit any .htaccess files. Did you check to make sure all the file and filenames are uploaded and correct?

Yes I did

And this is the error I get

Ok, I will check out you site more in-depth later to try and find the problem. One question though, is this a self-created login, or is it a script from somewhere?

It’s a script from somewhere…

Ok, can you tell me what this site is used for, and does it host any video content on it?

It’s a oxoo app control panel basically it is a movie app but it’s for my personal use and my friends.

Seems like “login/do_login” is redirecting to a 404 try checking if the file “do_login” is present in the folder “login”

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Does it have video content hosted on it, or is the video hosted elsewhere (Like YT, Vimeo, etc.) and embedded?

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Video contenet hosted in it and

Remember that Infinityfree is for website hosting, not for video hosting. Make sure you are following the TOS. As for the login form, I agree with @YT_Xaos. I would remove the videos from your website, and upload them to YouTube. You can set them as “Unlisted” and than embed them on your site.

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