I FOUND a temporary fix for the system issue

It works on some sites but might not on some sites.
Anyways, I found a fix that might and might not work, but some of my domains work with the fix
Even a todder can do it

The temporary fix:

Add www. in front of the domain you are trying to access

Yes, it sounds stupid but it works for me. Make sure you reply!

:thinking: Thank god my old site doesn’t get affected by the system issue


Benefits for using erraticstuff.eu.org>>
The Benefits is :

Available in dark mode (It’s useful for AMOLED for saving battery life and your eyes aren’t too tight) :unamused:

Protected by CloudFlare :x:

New Domain

And many more

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rip i forgot the pwd of that site

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I know your password

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lol i don’t care about my old site

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can we keep advertising down?

ErraticStuff died and Zynthasius was born.


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