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I move my website istbypleasure.com to premium hosting and they transfer the webite.but i dont have acces because.
Please remove my website from susspended because i move it to premium hostin

If you are moving to premium hosting, they can unsuspend your account for you, just submit a ticket to iFastNet. We cannot unsuspend your account, you will have to wait the full 24 hours.

Edit: Thanks Admin for the correct answer!

They can’t unsuspend your account, but they will move it to a non-suspended account on their premium hosting.


iFastNet probably won’t reactivate your account, but they can migrate the account to their premium hosting even if the account is suspended.

But note that due to DNS caching it can take up to 72 hours for everyone to access your website from premium hosting instead of free hosting. Unfortunately, that’s mostly caused by the internet connection of the visitor and not something we have control over.

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