I edit, upload and get a blank file

Hi. My site: http://www.musicallanera.epizy.com

I get a boring error when I edit, save, upload and finally, I get a blank file, no matter if using Filezilla for FTP or uploading directly with InfinityFree Cpanel.
The blank page shows NO error number nor anything.
Hope you can help me understanding why it happens.
Thanks in advance…

Sorry, I forgot to write the file URL in problem:

I think it is something about your php code, errors or bugs.


I looked at the file in your account, and I see it’s blank. It’s completely empty. And of course an empty PHP script is going to return an empty page.

Can you please try to reupload the file from your computer with the right contents?


As you can read in the title of this topic, "I edit (This means I write html codes), upload them (Through Filezilla or directly by Cpanel) and the files are converted in blank pages (0 kb), and consequently, visitor will see a blank space on screen.
Each of the pages I´ve edited get blank…
There were no problems by the first time I uploaded contents.
Can you help me understand why? Thanks.

:expressionless: We have read the topic title, and Admin will have, That is a YOU error you need to check, It may be your network blocking our server(s) ip addresses. Try using a VPN?


The title is supposed to be a short summary of the message. So I always skip the titles, since they should not have any new information.

I did some digging into your account, and it seems that the files cannot be stored because your disk usage was throttled.

The large amount of audio files you uploaded to your site triggered our abuse protection system for possible file sharing, which places a 5 GB disk space cap on your site.

We provide free hosting for websites, not for music. If you want to share music on your site, please embed the music from a more specialized service like YouTube, Spotify or SoundCloud instead.

So please remove the infringing content on your account so you can create actual website content again.


I see. I didn´t realized it when I signed up. I´m going to cancel those files.
I beg your pardon and I hope to see you soon from another site.
Thanks a lot again

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