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hi i have a problem i install on my website a plugin for https and now i don’t have access to my website and i have delete the plugin for file manager but nothing happens

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Just use the free ssl by InfinityFree

Probably a bad script

sorry about that can you help me beacause i have freak out there

how i do that ? the website show this error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Step one.

Go to the SSL section

Step 2.

Click the add SSL domain

Step 3.

Set up Cname records in the cpanel

Step 4.

Wait until the cnames say ready

Step 5.

Request the certificate.

Step 6.

Install the SSL certificate in the cpanel. PRIVATE KEY FIRST!!!

Step 7.

Open your site with https

sorry but i have ask many question to do that show i go to the ssl section i hit add ssl domain and in Your Domain Name i write my website name ?

You write the web address

eg. example.com

please can you do that with anydesk beacuse i dont have this !


What is your website url


So you click subdomain
Then enter poseidon-mines

Click the dropdown menu, select epizy.com

poseidon-mines.epizy.com is already assigned and in use.

how ??

@admin Can you help

thanks any way i will delete the website and i will create it again !

NO NO NO NO! Have you used your domain in other hostings by any chance? If yes then remove your domain name from them.
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But the first topic is on point: it would be nice if you could answer the questions in the topic template. Like the URL to your website. Or which software you’re using on your website.

But to solve your issues, the easiest way forward is to setup working SSL on your domain. You can get your SSL certificate through the Free SSL Certificates section in the client area, and find installation instructions there too.


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