i didnt use any ressoreces and got suspended

i didnt use any ressoreces and got suspended temprorely i was wondering they did that i didnt even got in to my web and got suspended for reaching cpu limits that i didnt use why !!
it was the same day from the past month that i used cpu ressourcesw but it was the PAST MONTH  why !!
i hope they will fix that bug or issue soon as possible .


thank you

i didnt violate anything it was the same day for the past month that i used this cpu ressources but the system stored it and suspended me because of nothing it was the paaaaaaaast month why suspanding me for using ressoureces on the past month thats stupid wheres the admin he must report that issue 

i cant submit a support ticket

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what issue I need to report. To my knowledge, the CPU usage calculations are working fine. Note that it's perfectly possible that there is high CPU usage you may not have been aware of.

If there is hardly any traffic on your site, you can still cause high CPU usage by updating software, installing plugins and themes and the like. Those operations are generally quite heavy, so use a lot of CPU power.

And even if you didn't open the website yourself, there may be other people visiting (or attacking) your website, which also counts for your CPU usage.

So how exactly are you so sure that this is a bug and you really didn't use any CPU power?
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sir the system kept the previous cpu ressources statics from the previous month i think thats a bug so could you please check that i will get suspended on 21 too because its from the previous month

i just got suspended again when i was replying to you pff please help !!
without any reason i just was replying to u ?

Yes, the system keeps records for longer than 1 day. However, the suspensions are only based on a 24 hour period, even if we keep records for a longer period of time.

The reason was likely that whatever is causing the unexplained load before is causing load again. The system just calculates how much processing power your website is using, your forum posting activities are not taken into consideration.

but sir does the system keeps suspending for lifetime if we reached only once the cpu limits only once because i got suspended for reaching cpu limits the past month and i will get suspended the next month too for the same daay and over and over so you can say that reaching a limit once suspend you every month in the same day for a life time

i will get suspended in the 22 january 2019 and 22 feb and 22 march and … so reaching ressources dosnt referch next month or next year it keeps the same thats what i understand

I don’t know your website and I don’t know your traffic, so I don’t know why your website uses so much CPU power.

Also, looking at your account history, I see the CPU limit was reached on December 16, December 21 and January 15. So I see no evidence to suggest that the daily limits are not daily.

yes sir i got suspended on january 15 beacuse its the record from that december 16
as i said i didnt use any cpu ressources that day on the january 15 so thank u sir

If you go into your control panel now, you will see some graphs regarding your resource usage (normally, they can be found in the Account Statistics section). In that graph, I see that most days you’re using about 50% of your CPU usage, in addition to a few days where you use multiple times the allowed quota (hence the suspensions).

So I don’t know what you are basing your CPU usage statements on, but the metrics we collect on the server side tell a very different story.