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epiz_28786343, epiz_28786346 and epiz_28786349

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Someone hacked into my account and used my email to open an infinityfree account. can you please delete my account? I don’t want this account and whoever is using it might use it for malicious purposes.

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Do you want your entire account deleted, or just a specific site? (A specific site can be removed by selecting “Edit Account” in the client area) I removed also changing your passwords for everything, or at least set up 2-factor authorization.

I want to delete the entire account. I have no use for it.
I have already deactivated all the websites and changed the password, but I don’t want to keep the account.

If you want the entire account gone, you will have to wait for Admin to see if that is even possible. Please don’t ping the Admin, he will see this topic whenever he logs on next.

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Hosting accounts cannot be permanently deleted right away. Especially if whoever hacked your email account may have also used it to do bad stuff on the hosting account.

I would recommend to reset the password to gain access to the profile, deactivate the accounts, and then just delete the profile after 60 days.

This may sound unfair to have your email address used for something you didn’t do yourself. But if an account was hacked, we also have other interests to protect.

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