I didn’t even visit the site and it was suspended today

Hello, today at 7:06 a.m. I received a message at email that my account was suspended because I exceeded the CPU limit BUT I have a WordPress installed and almost ALL plugins were disabled, 4-5 plugins remained and they are responsible for the cache for disabling various parameters so as not to use CPU, but yesterday I didn’t even visit the site and it was suspended today. Why did this happen? and how can I see the CPU usage metric because in cpanel it shows me over the past month?
P.s i dont have so much visitors.

Hello there,

There are many factors that lead to your hosting account to use all your daily CPU limit.

In the Client Area you should be able to see why your account got suspended and a knowledge base article link is also attached for you to read to learn more about why your site has utitlized all the daily CPU limit and how you might be able to reduce your usage everyday.

The CPU limit article describes everything there is to know about the CPU limit. Yes, it doesn’t tell you why your account specifically was suspended, but it does tell you why we can’t tell you that either.

Please see:

Please see:

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I dont use cloudflare
I saw the daily hits and its 0%
My code is optimized
I dont have so much scripts
I have active 4-5 plugins for cache and etc to optimize the code
I really dont know what is this while my site is suspended i can’t see the issue

and i have one question if my site for 1 second l will have 100% cpu i will get suspended account?

Please note that it’s called the daily CPU limit. That means: it counts the total number of CPU seconds your account uses per day. If you reach the limit, your account is suspended.

If you use a full CPU core, or possibly even every CPU core, for 1 second, then nothing will happen, because that’s still nowhere near enough to use up your full day allocation for your account.

And like I’ve told you in my message and the article explains: we can’t tell you that either.

But what I can tell you is that your CPU usage is not so much affected by the raw number of plugins, but more by what the plugins do. If you only have 1 plugin, that doesn’t sound much. But if that single plugin will mine bitcoins on the server for 10 seconds before returning a page, that of course means the plugin will use a ton of CPU power.

That’s not to say that your website contains a bitcoin miner, it’s just an example of how a single plugin could use up all your CPU power.


I have 4 plugins :
Litespeed cache
Webcraftic clearify
Wp disable

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