I deleted my entire website

Account: epiz_26831022, Website: blueish.gq

So I messed up. I deleted everything. Now my website isn’t working.
Now I don’t want the data recovered, I just want a fresh website so I don’t have to wait 60 days until it gets deleted. I hope you can help me!

Greetings, blueish

Why? it is harmless, we have to keep it for 60 days due to legal reasons, if you’re having agenda on deleting it then you’re looking suspicious or doing illegal stuff.

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the thing is, that my website doesnt work, and I don’t want to wait. Whats so suspicious about that? I just wanted my website to be reset, so its like a new account.

you can just remove your domain from that account, then create a new account.


ive already done that, doesnt work, and now i have 3/3 accounts used

What doesn’t work? A new account is a new account. A refresh option would make an account “as good as new”, but a new account is actually now.

What exactly are you trying to achieve with a fresh account? What issue are you looking to solve? If we know that, maybe we can help you find out a solution that does work?

Think he just wants to start again with a clean sheet. (Is that suspicious)? When things go a wry it can be easier to retrench.

I get why you would want to start over. But I don’t understand how creating a new account “does not work” for starting over. Because a new account is as fresh as an an account can get.

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Just delete all the site files

And delete all database as well

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woah, thanks for all the replies. I kinda know now what to do, just disconnect the domain and do new account, right? correct me if im wrong

Creating a new account works, yes. But if you go into the folder of the domain in the file manager and delete all the files and folders, and delete the database related to your website, you’ll also have a clean slate.

But of course, a new account also gives you a fresh start.

The downside of using a new account is that you’ll probably also get assigned to a new server, which means you need to wait for DNS caching for the domain to be visible everywhere. If you just purge the website from the existing account, you don’t have that issue.

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