I deleted htdocs folder via Filezilla and my wordpress website is not working

HI dear admin and others
I used the filezilla for i want to be download the htdocs file and i want to be upload for other domain folder but i accidentally removed the htdocs folder and i cannot acces for my website and my wordpress admin profile. If i want to be login my wordpress site i get the HTTP ERROR 500 reply and after reload the site i get 404 PAGE NOT FOUND reply and if i search my website i get Directory Listing. So i dont know what can i do
My website is: filmcentral.rf.gd
Thanks for every answer

Hello and welcome @Filmcnt84.

Your htdocs folder is still there, along with the “wp-content”, “wp-admin” and “cache” folders. It looks like all your other files are gone, which is probably the reason for those errors. I recommend downloading a fresh copy of WordPress and uploading it to your website.

NOTE: If you have a backup of your site, use that instead. You shouldn’t need to do anything with the databases, just re-upload all the files that belong in the /htdocs folder.

Let me know if you need any help

If you do not have a backup, you have to rebuild your website from scratch

I dont have backup i need help

Only you can help yourself. Period

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Please i need really i worked a lot for this site please admin dont know backup ??

Your files are gone, and auto-backups are not supported on free hosting. You need to go to WordPress, download a copy of the software, and upload it to your website. There is nothing else we (or anyone) can do. Next time, watch were you are clicking, and take a backup!

If you delete all your website files, you may suffer major and irreparable damage to your site. So don’t do that.

It may be possible to salvage some content if you still have the database.

The process is as more or less follows:

  1. Check the old database (through phpMyAdmin). All tables should start with the same “prefix”, something like wpABCD_. Make a note of this prefix, and of the name of the database.
  2. Install a fresh copy of WordPress in a different database.
  3. Open the wp-config.php file of your website and make the following changes:
    • Find the value of $table_prefix in that file and update it to match the prefix of the old database.
    • Update the value of DB_NAME in that file to the name of your old database.

If you try to open your site now, most of the content should be back up. You may need to reinstall and plugins and themes you had on your old site, but the content and settings should be retained.


I set my backups in updraft plus to backup everyday and save 3 copies. You should do that in the future. Then if the WordPress site corrupts, you can just import the files to your freshly installed WordPress wp-content folder. Then upload the backed up database to phpmyadmin. For more details follow this tutorial: Need or want to restore your site manually?

That might not be the best idea. If your installation is totally corrupted, will you be able to use these backups? Also, that can use a lot of CPU and get you close to suspension limits.

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OK so i have another question. I made one save on my wordpress website for the import and export. Just have a little problem. I downloaded the export file is 13mb but for uploading have a limit that 10mb and i dont do upload for the other wordpress account for my deleted htdocs wordpress website.
So now what can i do ?
Because this is the last saved from my website

Next time, if you want to backup your website, please just backup all the files and the database. Restoring a backup from the full installation is much more straight forward than using the Import/Export feature.

What you can do now is install a PHP server on you own computer (a system like XAMPP makes this fairly easy), install WordPress on there and import the backup file to that installation. Then, you can migrate this full WordPress installation to your hosting account:


You can manually restore the backups. And maybe it is resource intensive, however what are other methods of backing up that aren’t (besides manually).

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