I deactivated my account and added my domain to other hosting but if i go on it it shows suspended website

title says it

Did you release your nameservers? that could be the cause.

i have cloudflare, i deleted the infinity free ipv4

Did you remove all InfinityFree nameservers? This includes the domain registrar, cloudflare, etc.

This could also be a cache issue. Just wait 24-72hrs.

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i think i did

Think, or know? Could you show a picture of your domain registrar page and you cloudflare dns page? If you don’t want to post it publicly, you could PM it to me.

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i host it on github now

i uploaded the images there

Have you checked whether any of the situations of this article applies to you?

The message is supposed to be the message, and the title to be a short summary of it. This is not how messages work.

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