I created an account but can't access WP-Admin

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I have created an account just now and used .epizy.com. Installed WP app in cpanel but when trying to login to wp-admin. It is saying “An Error Occurred
Services for this domain name have been disabled.”

Any help will be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Welcome, pls read…


Thank you so much. So basically, I have to wait 72 hours to be able to access the website and the admin page if I got it correct.

i successfully access wp-admin there is no problem

Really, I’m not sure why I can’t access it to mine

try to clear browser cache maybe your problem can be fixed
to do that chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

unfortunately, I tried clearing cache but still got this error.


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I have tried to use VPN and get in to the website and I was able to. I’m not sure why I need to hide my IP to get through to it.

maybe your isp is caching

Can you suggest any solution to this?

Wait for 24 hours

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Alright. Thank you. I’ll give updates after 24 hours. :slight_smile:

Hiding IP addresses has nothing to do with it.

A well configured VPN also routes your DNS traffic over the VPN. Which means you won’t be using the DNS resolvers from your ISP, but instead whichever DNS resolvers the VPN provider is using. Those DNS resolvers may not have cached your domain name yet, which means they look up the latest data which means they’ll find the records pointing you to your site.

If you skip the VPN and just use different DNS resolvers, you’d get the same results. Hence why that’s written in the article linked to before.

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