I can't verify my site with Google Webmaster

Hello, as the title says it all I tried to verify my site by uploading that file given by google but it is not verifying it. Please help asap


Ownership verification failed

Verification method:
HTML file

Failure reason:
Could not find your verification file in the required location.

Please fix your implementation and reverify, or use another verification method.
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how much time has passed after you’ve added your domain to the our system or Cloudflare?
if shorter than 72h
Google (GSC) has no DNS records of that and can throw out the error

check other methods of validation
and if any options do not work then you know the problem is DNS (wait)

Moreover, your website uses https and you need to add it to the GSC

and validate that version ! (https)


It is verified now, the topic can be closed :slight_smile: