I can't use FileZilla FP



Error Message

I can’t connect to the FTP server, when I am using FileZilla, it always shows me connection timed out and I even tried to change the connectivity time from 20 seconds to 200 seconds, still it’s giving the same error…

Other Information

Pretty sure the server disconnects all FTP and file manager sessions after a few minutes.


Our FTP server closes the FTP connection after 20 seconds of inactivity. Every active FTP connection consumes server resources, so we don’t want to keep a ton of connections around which aren’t being used.

That said, this in and of itself does not prevent you from accessing your website files and making large transfers. Connections are only closed after inactivity, so large transfers or many transfers are no problem.

So please share the full FileZilla logs so we can see what’s actually happening:


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