I can't use cloudflare on my website

Hi there! I can’t use cloudflare in my website and I don’t know why, I have others websites with the same configuration and they are working (of course diferents domains) I create the server web on Infinity and I put the infinity dns in my web, once the web server is working fine I change the dns for the cloudflare dns, but some minutes later the web stop working and I don’t know why! As I said I did the same in my others websites and they are working fine without Inifnity dns and I put the cloudflare dns. I already have an A cloudflare record pointing to the domain and IP from the website on InfinityFree. My website is spiralnodes.xyz @admin

Long paragraphs are super hard to read. Can you share your Cloudflare configuration? Also, please don’t ping the Admin.

Hi! Sorry to ping the admin, you’re right. Also I can’t share the dns (export them as txt) but could you help me fix the error?

We can’t help you fix the error if you can’t give us information. Besides, if you put nameservers on your website, they are visible to anyone.

EDIT: Are these your nameservers?

Also, your domain doesn’t have any A records.

Yes, they are the dns from my website, and my website has 6 A record, also what information do you guys need to help me? :[ and thanks you guys are so kind!

When did you set the A records? Because they are not showing up for me.

Two hours ago? Something like that, I made some subdomains from my domain and they are working perfect

Proxies records don’t show up.

@SpiralNodes, just screenshot it, and show it here.

You did not seem to have to add an A record. Pls, add it with the destination IP from the client area. Also, no information or screenshot = No help possible.

It is the record in the middle (Sorry I was sleeping)

Oh you got a point there, my bad :{

It should be @ for your root domain, i.e. only spiralnodes.xyz. For the 2nd record.

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I change it to ‘@’ and then it changed directly to spiralnodes.xyz. Do I need to add something else for my website to work?

Nah, i guess. Maybe a CNAME for www?

It’s working @SpiralNodes. Also, are you reselling the free hosting infra? I don’t get your website’s content?

Sure! Thanks for your help, and no we don’t resell hosting infra, we are a little hosting company.

This allows only the sub-domains “short” and “spiralnodes” to work. You need to add two more records.

Record #1
VALUE: [The IP in the client area]
TTL: Auto
Yellow cloud on

Record #2
NAME: www
VALUE: [The IP in the client area]
TTL: Auto
Yellow cloud on

That’s right! the “@” is basically a shorthand way of writing your domain name.

@Greenreader9, like you said:

I would strongly suggest using CNAME for www.

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