I can't upload anything

epiz_26945037 or http://aleks.rf.gd

A personal website whit login

Error Message

I can upload files over FPT and PHP, but all it get the size of 0kB. I always get empty files.

Other Information

It did not have this problem on the start.

Try using Filezilla, for a start. Make sure each file is not over 10 mb.
Make sure website is not used for file sharing/hosting or you will be violating TOS.


What happens, if I be violating TOS? How do I get back?

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english…

Your account may get suspended…

I checked your personal “website” and all I see is a file hosting/sharing script. I’m sorry, but we don’t allow that kind of usage on our hosting. Please remove it.


I can’t remove files. Can you remove them for me? I just want my server back. I like the domain name, because my name is Aleks. Please

Why not? Which files do you want to delete, how are you trying to delete them and what do you see when you try it?

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