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Conexão recusada

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quando tento upgrade anual ou mensal sempre da conexão recusada não importa o sistema op, navegador sempre dar recusada. será que o brasil não poder??

First of all, please note that this is an English language forum. Please write your message in English, or at least translate it to English before posting it here:

When and where did you get this Connection Refused error? Or, in other words:

when i try to upgrade

Where and how are you trying to upgrade?

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when I try to access iFastNet Premium Hosting - InfinityFree. (super premium or Ultimate Premium) to be able to make the payment.

the following error happens whenever and within infinityfree, also in account upgrade option.
A conexão com ifastnet.com foi recusada.


  • Check the connection
  • [Check the proxy and firewall] (chrome-error: // chromewebdata / # buttons)

So the entire https://ifastnet.com website isn’t working for you? Because it’s working fine from here.

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