I can't see my site

Hello. I bought my domain name and my hosting account about 1 week ago. and I uploaded my site via FTP. but i can’t see my site.Website:kyskodlama.cf.what should I do. This is the screen that appears when I open my site.

You need to remove the index2.html in order to let us see the Directory Listing and check if everything is fine; if not I’ll send you further instructions.

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yes, i currently deleted the index2.html file via FTP.

hey .help me.

please help me .

Now I can see a bunch of HTML and CSS files, but no index file whatsoever. Can you please rename the HTML file you want to use as index to index.html, then correct all paths to the images to point to the right location?

yes i changed the main page to index.html, i wrote the paths of my pictures correctly. but the pictures do not show up on the site, how can I fix them.


You need to make sure the paths of your images, styles and scripts match up. So remove that C:\Users\Lenovo\Desktop\yenisite on the path and make sure the URLs don’t contain backslashes but only slashes.


yes, I applied what you said and now I can see the pictures. what should we do now

Now to let visitors access your website without going to /yenisite/ you need to move the website files outside of htdocs/yenisite/. After that, clear your browser cache for the changes to be saved on your end.


Thanks. I can see my site now.

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