I can't see my index page

So i made my website and i have my index.html file but when i go to http://unknownentity.rf.gd i get this:

is this normal? is there something i have to do like enabling something?

Hello there,

Your site seems to be working on my end:

Please clear your browser cache, if issue is still persistent after clearing your browser cache then consider flushing your DNS cache as well.


thanks for replying :slight_smile: at last it working for others, i did clear the cookies and flushed the dns cache but still not working for me

Then it is probably a problem with your local network or local device, try some of the following:

  • Use a VPN
  • Use a Public DNS resolver like the DNS resolver from Cloudflare
  • Use Incognito Mode (while using a VPN/DNS resolver just to make sure that you will have a fresh cache/cookies
  • Use another device (Phone/PC) to visit your website
  • Try restarting your router

Btw Cookies and Cache are different:


yep the vpn worked, ah yes i know about cookies and cache and i did clear cache and deleted the cookies but didn work until i used vpn

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