I can't remove ssl

I have problem, I can’t remove generated ssl and I can’t go on my page (it says "Ip adress not found).

Are you referring to the default self signed certificate present on all websites? That certificate cannot be removed, it can only be replaced by a valid certificate you can install yourself. And you’re free to not use HTTPS on your website, of course.

That doesn’t sound like an SSL issue, but like a DNS issue. But that’s just a guess without knowing which domain name you’re referring to.

But how can I delete generated key/csr?

Keys and CSRs cannot be truly deleted. You can generate new ones which will remove the ones currently there. Also, keys and CSRs will not be used unless you’ve also uploaded a valid certificate along with it. If your certificate is no longer valid, you can remove it, and doing so will uninstall the corresponding private key as well.

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