I can't purchased domain name to pint to my web pages

SORRY ABOUT THE “DOT”'s but the forum won’t let me enter web addresses.

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subdomain = shop-jaylyn"dot"epizy"dot"com

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I have completely screwed things up!
Let me try to explain…

  1. I purchased a domain name ( jaylyn"dot"shop ) from GoDaddy.
  2. I set up things here at “InfinityFree”.
  3. I went to GoDaddy and changed the “A” record to “”.
  4. My pages never showed up.
  5. So I went to GoDaddy and changed the “nameservers” to “ns1.epizy"dot"com” and “ns2"dot"epizy.com
    6 If I enter my domain name (jaylyn"dot"shop) into my web browsers I get error messages that say " This site can’t provide a secure connection" and " jaylyn"dot"shop sent an invalid response.".
  6. SIDE NOTE: If I enter the subdomain that InfintyFree set up for me ( shop-jaylyn"dot"epizy"dot"com ) into my web browsers they show my pages just fine.
    How do I this mess and get it so that when I enter “jaylyn.shop” in my web browsers I go to my folder I uploaded to InfinityFree.

This is what I see on your website right now

If you want your website to show, you need to upload your homepage to the “htdocs” directory and name it index.php or index.html

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. HEADING SHOULD SAY " I can’t get my purchased domain name to point to my web pages.
  2. Question at the bottom should have started with “How do I fix this mess”

Those files are there.

Please try again.

I checked your site and it’s working fine from here.

Please note that due to DNS caching, it can take up to 72 hours for a domain name to be visible everywhere after changing the nameservers or adding it to an account.


I am going to restart my computer. It may be a cookie problem.

Restarting your computer does not clear cache or cookies.
In Firefox, you can clear the browser cache by typing Shift + Ctrl + Del, making sure the Cache checkbox is checked and pressing OK. To clear cookies, click on the lock icon, click clear cookies and site data, and complete the process.
In windows, to clear the DNS cache, press Win + R, type ipconfig /flushdns and pressing Ctrl + Alt + Enter . You may have to enter an administrator password


working for me too

you need to clear your browser cache

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