I cant open my website

my site : http://krishnahisarservice.rf.gd/

i cant open my website even it shows nothing just a blank page … or when i try to open my website url change itself

it shows like this

anyone help me???

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how to solve this problem … please help i really need this

Try follow this article

This is common when DNS cache were present.

If that article doesn’t help, then please try deleting domain in panel then adding it back. Don’t delete account.



remove the free subdomain from our system and add it again
and check the condition after 2 hours

if that doesn’t help, then the server admin will have to solve it


same problem have you goten news?

Did you try this already?


yeah i try this … but it does not help me … same problem again

Read pinned topic


it solved now the site is working … i have one more query

i install ssl certificate on my website but my domain not change it remain same like previous http … from where i can change that https
in domain section it shows our site like … it shows http my site name … i want to change it to https:/www.mysitename

site: http://krishnahisarservice.rf.gd/

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You need to do this


i read the whole things but cant understand what to do … not find any option to update the url

can you please tell me the steps to do it



thanks its done

like before i say its done … but now again same thing when i open my site its shows nor secure again that http

Try to change the URL on the WordPress settings so that it points to the HTTPS version of the website (and if you want also www). If you don’t know how to do that, log in to your WordPress admin panel, then on the menu click on Settings, then change both WordPress Address and Site Address to have https instead of http and, if you want, also put www. before the subdomain name, then scroll down and click on “Save Changes” and you might need to log in again.


i try this but in setting there is no wordpress site address or wordpress address

see this at my wp setting there is no option of url

I see you’re running a WordPress Multisite instance. Follow this guide then; you’ll have to do that manually via database and with a final step on the wp-admin.php file instead:


i already done all these steps …it works before but after few hours it again not working

Your site looks good to me! Every link is opening in HTTPS.

You said that your site isn’t opening in HTTPS?