I can't open my website. Someone can help me?

I try to change my site link in wordpress and now i can’t open my website. Someone can help me?

Can you:

  1. Tell what’s your site url?
  2. What error do you see?
  3. Where do you see that error?
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My url was lucasms.infinityfreeapp.com but I change in wordpress to herowild.infinityfree.com, but now when I try to go to herowild infinityfree com doesn’t work, and when i try to go to lucasms infinityfreeapp com redirects me to herowild infinityfree com

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It should be herowild.infinityfreeapp.com and not herowild.infinityfree.com, as the latter is a subdomain of a not-registered domain! Change it again through the database’s phpMyAdmin and see if it works. Also, you should upload the files from the old subdomain’s htdocs to the new subdomain’s htdocs in order for the changes to be successful.


i forgot the app in the link, sry.

how to enter the wordpress panel without this link?

This article may be useful:


Follow below steps to change your url:-

  1. Goto “MySQL Databases”

  1. Select “Admin”

  1. Select “options” table

  1. Change your url by clicking on “edit” link

  1. Save changes

Thank youu so muck

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