I cant login to cpanel (password is too short)

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

USERNAME: epiz_27178386

Error Message

Your password is too short! please use a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 20

Other Information

When I click the control panel in the home page of my website I cant login into that because of this error message. What should I do?

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I reported on the same issue. We just have to wait for @Admin to respond.

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Okay thanks

I have the same issue

I Have the same issue

Same issue

I have the same issue

Pls see here…


No, i just go to my website and it aint suspended “http://craftnplay.gq/” as you can see

Well, I’m able to use the website i hosted thou… The one time this happened, I switched by DNS Server and that fixed the issue.

Umm… Sad news… It is suspended

Message: "Temporary server error, check again soon. "

I believe u were loading from cache earlier on…

And there it goes… Yeah… I’m down too

Everyone is experiencing issues. From what I can tell, the issue with CPanel is the most major as the redirection issue from what I can tell is from the old cache, so clearing your cache will solve that.

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Weird that I can’t access subdomain, but can access another one

Actually not… Its’ probably an issue with the storage service

my forum is suspended yet my homepage (webpage) is not

Oh yeah? Well… it’ll be suspended soon… the second one just went down at 10:51AM IST

I’ve been having problems aswell. I wanted to edit my website pages and it said the FTP couldn’t connect and control panel is sending me VistaPanel and saying my password is too short.

Let’s see