I can't log in to the control panel

I am in mainland China, and I cannot access the control panel. Once I go in, it will report ‘the website does not exist’ and the browser is the edge browser.

Screenshot? And I am assuming this happens after you click the “Control Panel” button on the client area?


ah yes.




Can you try accessing via vpn?

I tried it, 1 hour / 60 yuan, but the speed is too slow, the price is too expensive: 1 hour / 974 yuan, uh, is there any free vpn that can let me [白嫖]?

Our country does not allow

Looks like a connection issue on your end (china firewall perhaps)
Even with a vpn, you are likely still blocked from accessing the control panel


Then what should I do?

In fact, it doesn’t matter if I can access the control panel, the main thing is that I want to change php, and my php can’t be used

Can you access your php files via ftp?

It may not work, but you can try cpanel.42web.io. Use the username and password located in the client area for your account.

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yes, but it doesn’t seem to be able to handle php files

HTTP ERROR 500 means the server is able to handle PHP files, but that the PHP code you’ve supplied is crashing. Please see this article for more information:

If you’re having trouble enabling errors through the control panel, you can also do it by hand by adding a line php_flag display_errors 1 to the .htaccess file of your website.


(Translation: Hello, I am a user from China Mainland, too. It is confirmed that the panel cannot be directly accessed in China. You may need to switch to another location. )

虽然panel不能访问,但是网站没有问题,只是会慢一点,建议使用Cloudflare DNS。
(Translation: The panel cannot be accessed in China directly but the website is fine ( a little bit slow). I recommend you to use Cloudflare DNS, it may helps. )


(Translation: The only solution is to use VPN or proxy. )