I can't install wordpress

My website URL is: http://lyricshome.ml

What I’m seeing is:
The following errors were found :

  • The MySQL Connection could not be established.
  • The MySQL Connection could not be established.


I’m using this software: I want to use Wordpress!

Hi There and Welcome to InfinityFree Forums!
As far as I can see, the default index2.html template is shown in your given domain name.
Please check again.

thank you for your fast reply :slight_smile:
What do you mean? Should i delete “index2.html”?


I think WordPress is not installed, as it can’t be seen.
Please make sure through Softaculous App Installer that WP is installed or not.

i deleted it now and tried to install wordpress again, but it still didn’t work…
And no Wordpress was not installed before… he always aborts the installation between 10 and 20 percent

Is there anybody who have an idea how to solve that problem?

Wat is the error at 10-20 percent?

the same like at th beginning

Oh! So this might be some internal server glitch. Please try:

  1. Doing the same for other Add-on Domain.
  2. Doing the same with another infinity free account.

That is my problem… it is the second account i tried on

Yes. I will ask iFastNet server customer service for the details.

There is an internal server glitch. System Outage.

Okay what does that mean for me? Can i do anything or not?

Wait for @Admin to announce.

You can even install it manually instead of installing it using Softaculous. Click on me to go to the detailed instructions. To the databases part, go to your cPanel, go to MySQL Databases, create a new database with the name epiz_xxxxxxxx_wordpress (where xxxxxxxx will be the random numbers of your hosting account username). After that note the DB name, go to your Client Area and on your hosting account there will be username and the password (the password is hidden, use the Show/Hide button to show it). Copy them and paste them in a notepad, upload all the files from the wordpress folder in your htdocs folder using FileZilla (you need to configure it with the hostname ftpupload.net, username and password of your hosting account and plain FTP), go to your domain and follow the step 5 from “Setup configuration file” of the detailed instructions. Also note the SQL host, which will be sql123.epizy.com, where 123 is the random number assigned to your database server! So, note the database name and the SQL host and copy them and paste them into your notepad where are the username and password of your hosting account. Then, put the database name you pasted into the notepad, the username and password of your hosting account and the SQL host of your account. Then submit and follow the detailed instructions from “Finishing installation”, not using “admin” as a user ID.

Okay thank you…
but is there an easy solution too?

At the moment, there is no easy solution but to wait until iFastNet fixes the Softaculous of free hosting accounts.

okay then i will wait for @Admin and try your solution

in the meantime i think that the error has to do with softaculous, because the error does not only appear with wordpress