I can't host my website (open wordpress panel "wp_admin")

Happens with rf.dg and free.nf too !
I need to solve this problem as soon as possible, because this is a school project, help !

yeah same problem with me … even for me this page is not open and even when i open my url its goes to www.oo1.rf.gd…

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That page is appears to be the standard parking page we place on unused domains. If you see that page, one of the following things could be the case:

  • The domain you’re requesting is not actually assigned to any hosting account.
  • The domain is assigned to an account and setup correctly, but due to DNS caching on your end your computer isn’t connecting to it. See this article for details: When will my domain name start working
  • Something went wrong on our end and the DNS records for your domain didn’t get set up correctly in our nameservers.

To know which of these is the case, and what needs to be done to fix it, please share your domain name so we can investigate.


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