I can't get an IDN domain

Hello InfinityFree team,

I am trying to register an IDN domain, but I am having some issues. I tried to create an account for the domain “xn–5g8h.rf.gd” and was told that I needed a regular domain account first, and then I could create an IDN domain account later. I created the account and went to the domains page on the dashboard, I enter the domain but I received error 500.


Welcome to the forum. InfinityFree owns the domain “rf.gd” so you can’t register it. You can purchase your own domain name somewhere else and then point it to your InfinityFree site:

Or, you can try to create a free InfinityFree account using the subdomain xn–5g8h and select “rf.gd” as your choice of free domain. But, you don’t really “own” this type of domain because InfinityFree owns the Top Level Domain (rf.gd). So, you’re just using their free subdomain.

The client area integration seems to be a bit broken at the moment. Please use the control panels “Addon Domain” or “Parked Domain” section to add the domain name.


I know .rf.gd belongs to infinityfree, I meant I want to register the subdomain (xn–5g8h) at (rf.gd)

The control panel says “Sorry we do not support IDN domains on free hosti ng, please ; if this is required.”

But I don’t think it’s really paid, is it :thinking:

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Unfortunately that is not possible (Maybe the client area integration has managed to bypass that, but it may still be broken). I was under the impression you owned the domain for some reason.

For some reason, the subdomain section does not let you add punycode, the parked domain section sometimes does, and the Addon domain section always does (at least in the past).


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