I cant enter the email to creat my domain email email

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Need to update plane for email

Other Information

Before it is works, but error comming

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Can you show the screenshot of your problem? You not being clear about whats the issue.

I can see you have connected your website manually with cloudflare and your name servers are of cloudflare, and the error i see you facing is ssl handshake failed

Error 525
Ray ID: 5ddc605c0957de25 • 2020-10-06 03:43:08 UTC
SSL handshake failed

So i request you to go to your cloud flare dashboard and so into ssl and select flexible ssl method. It will start working then.


It worked.
But i cant creat business email.

Creating emails are banned due to abuse.(Use external service[Yandex,Zoho])


how to creat our domain email like [email protected]

As @anon77371365 said,

You need to connect with yandex or zoho,

But in order to do that you must be using cloudflare manually,

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how to do that

Zoho does not accept .ml domain. Try Yandex.

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For freenom how to do in yandex

For Yandex, you need to sign up for Yandex.Connect. Register a new Yandex account and after that login to Yandex.Connect. From there you can add your domain. To verify domain, add mx record, spf record and CNAME within the VPanel. You can then set up your email addresses, that can be accessed by visiting the Yandex.Mail login screen

For more info, refer to below:-


You can’t create email accounts and forwarders on free hosting. We already said it too much times, now it’s time for me to repeat it. If you want email accounts please consider using Yandex.Mail with the instructions on the article @KangJL linked to or upgrade to Premium Hosting as it offers more features.



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