I can't delete my domain ip address created in this server through wordpress app

Hello. I created an account in infinityfree.net. And installed wordpress app for hosting. But then I changed my server to vultr. I deleted here my domain name and deactivated my account. But still I can’t properly use my domain name, everywhere appearing infinity servers, not vultr. The main problem is, I wanted to map my domain with IP address of locaton that is selected in vultr not in infinity. But my IP address is still infinity location that I put earlier to my domain. I changed domain DNS server IP address to vultr but it’s not working. I checked it through cmd panel of my windows. It’s still showing infinity IP address not vultr. Please help me. I’m in a big trouble now.

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Domain name?

did you put vultr nameservers?

if you are then it is only a matter of time because


Thank you a lot. It’s really clear response to my question. I learned a lot of things by your response, and what is DNS itself. Thank you for clear, long response I appreciate it! My DNS server is ionos.com. I don’t know how long I should wait for its DNS and nameservers updating.
Anyway thanks a lot!


Is that your DNS server or your domain name provider?

The most important factor in DNS propagation are not the DNS servers on your domain name, but the DNS resolvers of your internet connection.

Usually DNS propagation happens within 72 hours, but DNS has a lot of independently moving parts so it’s hard to say how long it will take for someone.


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