I can't delete folder

Username: epiz_32199129

Error Message

Error during FTP changes directory at “/htdocs/public/D:Web Development/laravel8/storege/logs”:Unable to change directory (path:/htdocs/public/Web Development/storage/logs).

Other Information

After finishing upload of my laravel-8 project to the server i found a folder in (/htdocs/public) folder with name (D:Web Development/laravel8/storage/logs) but i didn:t create this folder. Its automatically created. I want to delete(Web Development/laravel8/storage/logs) this folder. But its showing the error which i allready describe above.

I upload my project using FileZilla. Please solve the issue so that i can delete that folder


Try to do it through FileZilla (not via monstaFTP)
if you don’t succeed then it’s probably this:


I allready tried FileZilla

Can you please share the error logs from FileZilla?


The issue is solved. I installed laravel using softaculous and then uninstall using softaculous and everything is removed from my directory…


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