I can't create am E-Mail Account

My website URL is:“crazybuster.ml”

What I’m seeing is: Hello! I can’t create an e-mail account because of spam issues. But I want an e-mail like “[email protected]” or somethis like this. Can somebody activate the e-mail feature for me please? I promise I won’t abuse the feature.

I’m using this software: “Wordpress”

Additional information: I don’t want so spend money for a premium hosting plan. SOOO please I won’t abuse it!!!

The feature has been discontinued, it cannot be activated. Consider upgrading or using an external emails service.


But with am external e-mail service I cant use my domain right?

You can use your domain, but only with certain services.

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Do you have an tipp for an certain service?

I have often heard that many people like using Yandex for their emails.

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Can I just install an app with Softaculous on my subdomain?

Sure, but your domain has to stay on the account for the subdomain to work (if you are using a subdomain based on your own domain).

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