I cant connect via FTP (NET Virtua)

I am a user of the largest Internet provider in Brazil (NET Virtua) and apparently they blocked access to the address: ftpupload.net
The only way I found access to FTP is by using a VPN, but the VPNs that I tested are very inconstant.
My question is: Does the premium hosting (ifastnet) use the same FTP server address (ftpupload.net) or do you use a different one?

iFastNet and InfinityFree are, from a technical level, almost completely separate. iFastNet can migrate accounts from free hosting onto their premium hosting, but that's where the similarities end.

iFastNet has different web servers, database servers, mail servers, FTP servers and so on. Every part of premium hosting is different (and better, faster and more powerful).

While I can't promise that your ISP hasn't blocked access to other FTP servers either, I can answer your question and say that premium hosting does not use the same FTP servers.