I cant connect to my private domain

is being 3day now but i still cant link my existing domain ,i already add mx record ( ns1.epizy.com) from my domain dns.
please assist

What is your domain name, so that we can help you?

I assume you mean “NS record” not “MX record”? Because MX records don’t let you validate domain names here, and your MX record shouldn’t be ns1.epizy.com.

As for NS records, please make sure you’re changing the nameservers of your domain name, not just adding NS records to the nameservers of your domain provider. Most providers have a separate option for “Custom Nameservers” which is separate from the DNS records section. I’ve linked to our article below, but you should check with your domain provider what’s the right way to change nameservers in their system.



i forgot from where i purchased dealatcheap.rf.gd
Currently its pointing to infinityfree.
i want to change the name servers to some other hosting site as infinityfree doesn’t support asp.
can you help me what were earlier nameservers or from where did i purchase dealatcheap.rf.gd so that i can change the name servers again.??


It’s Domain of infinityfree, you cannot change its nameservers nor attach it to another hosting.


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