I can't configure my CNAME

Faço tudo certinho copiando o Nome de Registro e o destino para aplicar no cname, porém sempre da errado. Sempre dá esse erro: Illegal characters in source hostname part. 10

alguém pode me ajudar

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I do everything right by copying the Registration Name and the destination to apply to the cname, but it always goes wrong. It always gives this error: Illegal characters in source hostname part. 10

Can someone help me

Make sure there’s no dot at the end of CNAME destination/source


Can you please share what EXACTLY you are trying to enter in the CNAME page? So the exact source, destination and domain name you’re using.

This could be a validation error in our system or an error in your input. Without knowing what exactly you’re entering, it’s impossible to say which it is, let alone how it can be fixed.


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