I can't change CHMOD



Error Message

I can not change CHMOD. I changed 775 to 000 but now I can not do any changes. Plesa fix this problem

These folders are:

Ekran Alıntısı

But why did you changed to 000?
Done the same mistake like falling from a building =_=

iFastNet support might help now, even @Admin can’t do anything now.

Doesn’t 000 remove all permissions and now there is no way for anybody to access it?

in UNIX, Superuser (Root) or any user in the sudo group can override permissions


I’m sorry @MSKoca but nobody can help you with this problem, you’ve locked yourself out.
as the admin has stated here: The CHMOD should only be used with users who know what they are doing.

Not even the Admin can do anything:


Yeah,Only Root! Just rename the folder something else.

And there never will be! Unless they expose root user to us!

Thanks everyone. I think I’ll delete this hosting and I’ll create a new one


What did I said?
Well anyways, happy to get it resolved.

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