I can't backup my wordpress files. File transfer fails

I’m trying to backup my Wordpress site via FTP (Filezilla) and I’m encountering a lot of transfer fails. Some files transfer and others don’t. When the whole transfer finishes I’m left with incomplete folders, for example, many media files and folders in the content folder are missing.

Why am I not able to click download on the site folder, and just download it all without issue?

Have you tried with the online FTP manager?

No, where can I find that?

Go to app.infinityfree.net and find which domain you want to access. Click ‘Manage’ and there should be an orange button that says ‘File Manager’. Click on that button and you should be taken to the online FTP service. And keep focus on the tab until it finishes loading, otherwise you may receive a prompt to login. It should look something like this:

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The online file manager probably is even worse.

FTP is not a super stable protocol by itself. Due to any number of reason, a few out of the thousands of files being transferred may fail. In order to work around that, FileZilla has a tab on the bottom of the page for “Failed transfers”. If you right-click in that panel and choose “Reset and requeue all”, FileZilla should only retry the failed transfers. Depending on how bad the situation is, you may need to do this a couple of times. If the transfers don’t start right away, go to the Queued files tab, right click and click “Process queue”.


Thanks both. It did help to process queue in the way above, but there was still some trouble. I figured out a solution. I had to make sure Active mode and binary mode is set in settings and in the website settings. I also had to make sure Filezilla was allowed through my firewall.
Somewhere online suggested to initially download to a location with a short path, so to a shortly named foler in C drive. that helped, then I copied and pasted into my destination.

I was getting some timeouts, so I also had to set it to 0 to disable them. I still encountered some server timeouts, so I stayed active in the window clicking about until it was done. I’d like to see if there is a way I can set and forget, but it wanted me to be present while transferring, annoyingly!

Finally when I had trouble on a bigger folder, I downloaded in parts instead and that seemed to help too.


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