I can't add my addon domain

i was trying to add my domain name mailme.cf

shows an error : Invalid Domain, please check your input…

but it is active and i added the name servers too

i didn’t got a reply yet!


The private nameservers system doesn’t recognise domains that aren’t fully universal for example .cf provided by the freedom registry. Please try setting your nameservers to the following then try again as this usually resolves the issue :


Also, make sure to save it twice if possible just in case.

By the way, These are the nameservers of ByetHost.com (Owned By iFastNet TLD) whom operate MyOwnFreehost.net. MyOwnFreeHost is the company providing the control panel and it’s functionally for IniniftyFree.net’s use.

Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Warm Regards,
Unofficial Community Support Officer
Management Department Staff member @http://HoxtyHosting.ml.

@Surroge Like @Kieran already said try to set your nameservers to the following:

Then tell us if it works! If it doesn’t work then please contact with FreeNom support. But we don’t recommend free domains like .cf, .tk, and .ga, because they had bad reputation and if you are planning to run a proffesional website, it’s better to have a .com domain or other paid-domain! If you ever want to get one you can upgrade to Premium Account and get it on domain’s page.

And we are sorry for a bit late response, it took us some time to figure out your problem because this is a uncommon problem and usually people are not having this kind of issues with simple things like that.

Warm Regards! Mike.