I can't access to my web when using subdomain of infinityfree

Sorry I can’t access to my website.My website is http://pvl1933.free-site.net Each time I access to it, It
always is http://pvl1933.free-site.net/?z
Although I have waited two day(48 hours) to active my web, but It’s working. This morning, it still working but not now ( after 3 and 4 hours). Please help me!!! Thanks

It always add " ?z " after my url although 3 and four hours ago I accessed to my web, but now I can’t

not working

Looks like the domain free-site.net was suspended because the email address associated with it was not verified.

It’s nothing you can solve. It will have to be solved by the Admin.
Meanwhile, if you don’t want to wait, it’s better if you create another free sub-domain using a domain other than free-site.net.


free-site.net is not a domain name that’s owned by us, and does not appear to be hosted on our free hosting platform even. So I’m not sure who owns that domain and where it should be hosted, but I do know that this isn’t the right place to ask about it.


Sorry. I see so many free-site.net over here that I thought it was one of the sub-domain options in VPanel.

I’ve never seen free-site.net before. There is the domain great-site.net though, which is available for free subdomains here.


You’re right. I was mixing them up!
I was talking about great-site.net.

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Can you show me how to merge or create a subdomain that is great-site.net like you, until now I still can’t access my site, yesterday I still logged in normally but today it either has a ‘?z’ extension behind it or shows ads on the page, making it impossible for me to access my site. Hope you and everyone else can help.

Well, I have it activated for 5 days now, but for some reason it is glitching, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Please help me!!!

sorry, my web is with subdomain great-site.net, not free-site.net

Well if your URL is

then it works


Remember to clear your cache after making changes!

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