I can't access Online File Manager

  • Online File Manager : Error! Ftp Connection to 187.XX.XXX.XX:21 failed.
    I think my IP was blocked. I used a VPN when I was using Filezilla. I don’t know about this rule.
    I can’t connect to FileZilla too.

FileZilla forum: You have been permanently banned from this board.
Reason given for ban: The IP address range you are using has been abused by spammers. To repeal the ban a written confirmation by the registered IP range owner is needed, asserting that all machines have been cleaned of malware and its users educated in manners and security.

A ban has been issued on your IP address.
How to get access again?

Hello there,

There is currently some issues with the FTP.

Please refer to the latest announcement:

You will need to contact Filezilla directly about it.


ok, Thanks

There is something wrong with my root directory
please help.
My site is not working. It’s Displaying an Error Like Theme Directory Doesn’t Exists.

Can you please share us here an screenshot of the problem?

Is there anyone to help?

can you help. i can’t access my site. theme directory doesn’t exists issue

Seems like the theme jannah has been removed.

Can you please reinstall the theme(plate) on your website?

Are you using your own custom-made theme? Or you’re just using a theme that can be found in wordpress?

Error : installation failed:couldn’t create directory.
I can’t install other theme too.

Screenshot (173)

I’m using premium theme. purchased on envato market.

What about, reinstalling your wordpress via softaculous? But please make it sure that you have a backup of your posts and pages before reinstalling a fresh one and then try to upload or install the theme again.

The problem might be a cause of broken plugins/themes that you’ve just installed, broken or corrupted wordpress installation or there’s no such directory on/of wordpress folder.

I tried to see the theme code from theme editor option in Appearance. From that moment it’s stopped working, But i’m sure i didn’t make any changes. Even I didn’t click save button.

if you have problems with the theme and you bought it
then it is best to contact the author of the theme for support

this is copy/paste from their site:

Thanks for using Jannah.
Please try these common solutions. If none of these fix the problem, please open a new support ticket.

  1. Update everything including WordPress, the theme and plugins. Available updates appear in Dashboard > Updates.
  2. Deactivate all plugins in case there is a conflict. If the problem goes away while all plugins are inactive, then reactivate them one by one to determine which is causing the problem.
  3. Clear cache in both your browser and in any caching plugins that you are using (also disable services like CloudFlare, if used with your website).
  4. Revert code changes if you have modified the theme’s code. If using a child theme, reactivate the parent theme.

if none of the suggestions above fixed the issue, please create a support ticket using the link below and our support team will gladly assist and guide you

Click Here To Create An Account & Get Support

Thank you, we look forward to serving you!

Best Regards.


Purging the entire installation and reinstalling everything is always an option, but should only be a last resort. Maybe there is still a way we can salvage this installation.

Since the installation of the “Cafetaria Lite” theme failed, a good place to start would be to check your website directories to see if the themes directory is present and that there isn’t a directory with the name already.

So, in a file manager or FTP client, navigate to the folder htdocs/wp-content/themes/. If there is a folder in there with a name that looks like the name of your theme, delete it, and then try to reinstall the theme.


Check if you had changed the permissions for theme folder.
You can try to install theme manually by going to theme directory from file manager and then uploading & extracting “.zip” file of the theme, then activate that theme from WordPress admin area.


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