I can't access my website after installing WordPress


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After installing WordPress on my website, I can’t access it, it keeps writing “this site can’t provide a secured connection”
digitaldollarshub.kesug.com send an invalid response.
That’s the issue I’m having.

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That’s because you don’t have an SSL certificate:


I don’t know if I’m doing it the wrong way, it’s telling me “No SSL certificates found”

You need to create one in the client area first.


Thanks for the help, I got that now. I can access the front end of my website now. But I can’t login to the cpanel

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Can you please explain this in more detail? Are you talking about the hosting control panel we provide you to manage your hosting account? Or are you talking about the WordPress admin interface of your site?

And what issues do you experience when trying to access that panel?


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