I can't access my site

I can’t access my site

DNS Propogation: Read knowledge base.

I do not understand

It’s actually an SSL error. Install an InfinityFree SSL by clicking here.

ssl loaded and was already going to https

Please make sure you have InfinityFree’s SSL (cloudflare won’t work if you have full/strict) as it’s the only (or one of) the only ways to install an SSL on the origin server.

Just because it goes to https, doesn’t mean it has an SSL certificate.


You need to install it on your website
Issuing certificate won’t automatically install it on your site

i already installed and approved

your website loads in https finely. Please note browsers cache SSL status of websites for while, it should work after few hours. or just a simple refresh or using different browser.


Your site is working fine on my end with SSL.
Sorry, haven’t checked before so made the above reply.

I don’t understand why I can’t access my site



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