I can't access my site

Good morning dear,

I cannot access my site. sublo.ga

the following message appears:

Unable to access this sitesublo.ga took too long to respond.

I already cleaned the cookies. but didn’t solve the problem

Your domain does also point to ns3.epizy.com, ns4.epizy.com and ns5.epizy.com, which don’t exist and will not serve your website. Please remove those last three nameservers from your domain registrar’s nameservers management panel.


It should be noted that this site was already active for a long time. Today I can’t get in.

How do I do this procedure?

I saw you’re using Freenom, so the Freenom’s Knowledge Base has an article about that. Please read that carefully and remove the three nameservers from the “Nameserver 3”, “Nameserver 4” and “Nameserver 5” fields.

It turns out that I have not even registered in freenom. when I created the site I did everything through infinityfree.net. from the screen I don’t have access to domain settings.

InfinityFree is not a domain registrar, only a free web hosting. You will have to login to your Freenom client area to manage your domain and change nameservers from there.

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I got access to my friend. I removed the last 3. I saved the changes, but they still haven’t worked. there must be a deadline for the site to come back.

Now I’ve got the problem: the IP your website is in is offline, maybe due to some DDoS happening to the server. You will need to wait until the IP will be back online, in order for your website to be accessible again.

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But is there nothing I can do? Is it normal for a website’s IP to go offline?

Is there a deadline for this to get back to normal?

Same problem SSL error: redirect to /?z - #4

It is not normal, and you will have to wait until the DDOS attack stops.

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