I can't access my Infinity-account

Since one hour i can’t access my account, anybody knows the reason?

I think it’s a technical problem by Infinity. Do you experience so often such problems?

My Website looked yesterday good but now it’s juts a mess!

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same bro

username: epiz_31522866

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now i get this warning: Warning! Your IP address has been logged

Does your website get Data from Database or directly from Doc?

Same here. Can’t access Cpanel and File Manager. Also, my website can’t connect to my database anymore. Username: epiz_28831306

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I have the same problem.
Yesterday everything worked perfectly.
username: epiz_31256928

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Must be a site issue. Wouldn’t mind, only got my databases back yesterday…

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This is the problem why my Website looks like a mess, nearly 70% of my website-content being pulled from Database. :see_no_evil:

Probably so. I think the issue is caused by the updates Infinityfree recently made to improve hosting performance but they are yet to provide updates on if that’s the case. It’s rather frustrating. For a moment I thought I had messed something up because I started experiencing this problem earlier today while editing some aspects of my site.

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It’s a good begining with Infinity :laughing: Yesterday was the first day I created a database for my website and solved most HTTP Headers issues. Of about 47 Issues I solved 45 and wanted today to solve the rest (2) and yes thank you infinity! At least we get notification per email, that due to updates could cpanel/ website nocht well working.

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My website works now, but i can’t access cPanel.

I can now access cPanel. Thank you guys :smiley:


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