I cant access my file manager and website is down

Please help me out here… a canty access my file manager and my website is down… this is the main domain 9bkgrq4z.epizy.com

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Same here - http://lssy0wtd.epizy.com/… Hopefully just a temp. issue, but… who knows.

Well… FTP not working too. Database seems to be working fine (just exported whole db) - probably will need to recreate the web from the scratch.

Will give it one more hour, but… well… just purchasing new VPS for a year. Probably will be better idea to pay even for the testing “sandbox” - and do not relay on free services… :slight_smile:
I know I should have been backuping…

hoping to receive any updates from the admin.

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I just tried and could connect fine. What hostname are you using to connect? @jay547 @Erupion

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Standard - also verified the password (even it worked just fine last time :-))

Can you try using the file manager and see if it works there?

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Did try filemanager this morning, but… nope, still not connecting. It seems the rootcause is the “home directory” error msg. from my ftp client screenshot. Allready saw an article here on fromu suggesting deleting the account and recreating it… Does not seem to be good solution to me… luckily I’ve found some old backup… will help me to recreate the web again. Hope so.

THANK YOU for your kind help!

Can you use ftpupload.net instead of

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Seems not to be working in either standard or passive mode - result same - few seconds “working”, followed by “authentication failed” msg.

Hm, that’s strange. Maybe there is something going on with FTP.

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:slight_smile: unlucky today is THE DAY of PRESENTATION :smiley:

meh, my fault… allmost there, just don’t like to mess with DNS (had to purchase hosting from my standard service provider)… also was considering just to upgrade to premium plan here, but as far as I know… there might be problem recovering the data…

i tried what erupion did but no luck… i even changed my password but it keeps on giving me the same error.

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From time to time there are some maintenance tasks… but it does not seem to be this case… :-/ if you can, just wait a bit longer…

I am using InfinityFree for a few years - usually just for demonstration… (was too lazy to setup webhost on my NAS… :-D)

my site is back online now. thanks to the admin!

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