I can't access my File Manager and not able to troubleshoot WordPress

username: epiz_32921544 website: http://firebrixs.com/

I am new here and just hosted my website through Infinity Free, however I keep getting multiple errors when I try to access the website or wordpress admin panel. I tried to troubleshoot by going in to the File Manager however I seem to be having issues in that end as well. Would highly appreciate if anyone can help me regarding this. I have included screenshots below.

Read this


Thank you so much for the reply KangJL

I followed your link and managed to manually update to the latest version of WordPress. Also was able to access the Admin Panel as well. However when I go into the website I get “Apache is functioning normally” error. Any idea what I do here?


This is what I see

Can you clear the browser cache?


Thank you so much. I cleared my cache earlier but got the same message. Weirdly enough it works now :sweat_smile:

Just one more thing, I want to login to WordPress from their website as opposed to going through Softaculous > wp-admin.
Where can I get that username and password ?

You can’t, as this is a self-hosted install of WordPress, it has no integration with WordPress.com.


From the Softaculous settings, you can find/configure the Admin Username and Admin Password.

With those credentials set, you can login directly on http://firebrixs.com/wp-admin/

As you’re using self hosted WordPress (wordpress.org), it doesn’t rely on the hosted WordPress (wordpress.com) to work, and doesn’t integrate with it unless you want it to.


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